Our Platform

Auto-Scaling SSD Cloud Web Hosting

A fully featured hosting platform built on enterprise SSDs with load balancing, IPv6 & HTTP2 support as Standard

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    Secure and reliable web hosting

    Next Generation Platform

    Our web hosting platform has been build from the ground up to provide the best, most secure and robust platform available. From the 100% enterprise SSD disk's to the load-balancing technology, every aspect has been built from the ground up to sustain high volumes of traffic whilst not hindering performance.

    Fully PCI Compliant

    All servers with WebHostGB.com are fully PCI compliant. This means they meet the highest possible industry standards and are maintained and monitored around the clock to ensure the best possible security.

    Three Platforms

    Multiple Platforms For Multiple Uses

    From a strong Linux infrastructure to a purpose built WordPress Platform

    Linux Platform

    Linux Platform

    Our Linux platform is geared for most types of web hosting. Any PHP application will run without any issues and can take full advantage of our caching and CDN features.

    WordPress Platftorm

    WordPress Platftorm

    WordPress hosting built for security and performance and reliability. Our platform and associated tools makes WordPress websites up to 48 times faster than standard hosting.

    Windows Platform

    Windows Platform

    Our Windows hosting is built with an IIS cluster to further improve loading speeds and factor in a high level of redundancy by removing any single point of failure. Its the perfect choice for any ASP, ASP.net, MS Access or MS SQL based applications.

    Auto-Scaling Web Hosting

    All of our web hosting platforms use auto-scaling, this means that if your website has a large spike in traffic, the resources allocated to your website will increase in scale, directly proportional to the demand. This ensure that your website never experiences drops in performance or any issues with loading. We don't charge for the additional demand on server resources either.

    This also ensures that other users website don't negatively impact your websites performance, unlike other shared hosting environments.

    Load Balancing Network Demand

    Additionally to auto-scaling, our platforms use load balancing. This means that if there is a surge in use on a single machine or network connection, the load is shared across multiple servers reducing the strain on that part of the cluster. This happens automatically, by our monitoring system, so your website will load quickly and reliably at all times.

    Enterprise DNS Redundancy

    The Domain Name System (DNS) is essentially a way for devices to lookup your website's location and server the correct webpage. Its a vital part of any hosting platform and is often overlooked. We have integrated the same enterprise DNS platform that is used by tech giants such as Google. This means, that your website will be visible to every and all devices across the globe.

    All domain names wishing to use this service need to be registered or transferred over to us, which can be done for no extra charge.