Picking a New Web Host.. How Do You Choose?

When picking a new web host it is vital you look over the full package details that there is to offer. Web hosts differ in many ways, for example server hardware usage, such as disk space, and bandwidth. Below is a list of the five most important things to look at when choosing a potentially new web host.

1. Uptime guarantee

You want to make sure that your website is live and visible almost all of the time. Obviously its unfair to assume that it will be live 100% of the time, as servers need to be rebooted and patches need to be applied for them to be a secure platform. Anything around 99.5% and above is a fair standard to aim for.

2. Money back guarantee

If a hosting company believe in their product, they will offer a full money back guarantee. This shows that their level of service is above acceptable, thus improving the amount of trust you may be able to instil.

3. No overselling

Overselling is a nightmare, simply put, overselling is the act of selling more accounts than the server hardware can actually handle. This is on the basis that not all accounts will be accessing the server hardware at once. Not only is this very dangerous to your website performance, its also dangerous because pushing server hardware that long can have hugely detrimental effects

4. Performance of your server

Nowadays, some web hosting companies will offer increased CPU, RAM, IOPs and more as an added performance boost to your website. For a little extra you may be able to find a plan that will give you similar performance of a strong VPS account, whilst also having the complete simplicity of a shared server. Not only does this mean a lot less time migrating websites across to different platforms, it also allows you to handle much larger volumes of traffic for sustained periods of time!