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UK Premium Email Plans

Get an email address that matches your business name, domain or website


From just £3.50/mo
1GB SSD Inbox Space
3 Premium Bandwidth
Control Panel
Free Domain Name
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From just £7/mo
3GB SSD Inbox Space
6GB Premium Bandwidth
Control Panel
Free Domain Name
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From just £14/mo
20GB SSD Inbox Space
40GB Premium Bandwidth
Control Panel
Free Domain Name
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Premium Email Services

Customers are almost 9X more likely to choose a business with a professional email address. You can create as many custom email addresses as your plan allows with our premium email services.

Free Domain

Stay with us, and we will cover your domain registration and renewal fees each year. Its that simple, we reward our customers who stay with us.

We Backup your inbox

Every day we will back up your inbox so you don’t lose any important files you may need. This is included in your monthly fee and requires no imput on your part.

Spam Protected

We have inbuilt spam protection at server level, meaning only the important emails get to your inbox, additionally we also have inbuilt premium features you can purchase at a small cost such as spam experts.

Email Virus Protection

We scan every incoming email to check for viruses or malware, reducing the amount of time, stress and hassle that comes with getting an infected file on your computer.

Encrypted, Protected

Your mail inbox is protected via an SSL certificate, encrypting the data that is transferred between our servers and your devices at all times, reducing the chance of someone getting hold of your data.

99.9% Uptime

Your email service falls under our 99.9% uptime guarantee. This ensures you have access to your emails at all times, regardless of any issues.

Professional Email Services, No Hassle

If you need your email services for your business, but can do without the hassle, we can help. Get started today and be set up in minutes on your favourite devices, securely and reliably

Sync on any devices

Have your emails on your phone, tablet, laptop and home computer. Set up your emails on any devices you may need in minutes with our 1 click setup files. Access these files from your control panel when you sign up

Mailing lists, auto responders and more

Not only do you get premium inboxes, but you will also get access to extra features such as mailing lists, auto responders, forwarders and auto replies. This will help you communicate with potential business instantly, reducing the risk of any lost leads.