eSports Sponsorship Program

esports sponsorship program

Hosting, Game Servers, Voice and more

Run an eSports organization and need a sponsor for game servers, hosting products or just support? We can help

We are offering UK or EU based eSports organizations a chance to be sponsored by We can offer you some of the best practice servers, web hosting products & support available. Our goal is not only to promote our brand, but to help your organization along the way. If you are interested in any potential sponsorship agreements, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to meet your needs.

CS:GO practice servers for eSports teams

We can currently offer teams CS:GO servers running with 128 tick rate, dedicated RAM & CPU as well as premium bandwidth allocations. We attempt to make practice servers the closest thing to a LAN game and have pre-configure plugins to allow you to simulate competition CSGO game play.

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What will your eSports team get as a result of our sponsorship program?

Premier 128 tick practice servers

CS:GO Practice Server

The most important thing to your team is the skill level of your players. From the very start, we provide servers to our sponsored teams that give you the closest environment to LAN. As standard your team will receive a 128 tick server which has dedicated resource allocation and tier 1 connectivity. This will eliminate any input lag and ensure your team can practice in the most realistic environments possible.

Full stack web hosting account

Web Hosting & Support

The next important commodity your team will require is a community driven website. This not only allows you to interact with your fans, it also allows you to organise and delegate your teams to events and manage your organisation in a structured fashion. We will include all costs, such as a free domain name, free SSL certificate and unrivaled 24/7 customer support that goes above and beyond anything else available.

Backend 24/7 support

Help when you need it

Not only we will manage your websites security, updates and anything else required. We will also help you build your site, add functionality to any back-end software you use.

Cross promotion and branding


Your new website content will be created and solely focused on getting the right traffic which is in the correct niche to your business. Your design will be built around the core content, and will focus on converting traffic into sales and or leads for new business

Extra revenue for your org

Earn Money

Add a revenue stream to your organisation with our sponsor affiliate scheme. You will receive finders payments, as well as substantial monthly recurring payments based on the payment plan of each customer referred to us. You will be given unique tracking links, as well as multiple discount codes to give to your follower base to help you clinch referrals and increase your chances of success.

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