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Game Servers In Europe and the United Kingdom

Our game servers are based in premium facilities based through Europe and the United Kingdom ensuring each game server has ultra-low latency, couple this with ultra high clock speeds and you server performance like no other.

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Full Control

In-built Game Server Control Panel

When you purchase a game server from you’ll be provided with access to the TCAdmin control panel. From here you’ll be able to control your server configuration including mods, the number of players, map rotation, and create admins, for example, and then all that’s left to do is go and play.

You will also have FTP access where you can upload mods, config files and more.

Reliability As Standard

Premium Game Server Hardware

Our game servers are equipped with state of the art, high performance hardware and powerful dedicated connectivity providing a fast and reliable gaming platform which can handle high tick rates and all manner of mods and game configurations. Servers are never run on full capacity ensuring there is never any reduction in performance during periods of high server usage.

24/7 DDoS protection

Server Protection

Our servers are equipped with the latest DDoS protection software ensuring that your valuable server uptime is protected. This is configured and maintained on our end so you can simply sit back and enjoy playing your games without having to worry about interference from malicious parties.

Multiple Locations

Lowest Latency Possible

We have multiple locations throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. This ensures your game sever achieves the highest possible performance, the lowest latency and the best overall player experience. This is great for individual users, as well as eSports teams looking to improve their competitive edge.

Simple Billing

No Hidden Fees

Once you have configured your server and selected what extras and addons you would like. The price you see in your cart is the price you pay. We don’t add any hidden charges, or after sales purchases to your server. Everything is upfront and easy to understand. You can always upgrade your server package whenever you would like to and we offer our customers loyalty discounts if they already have servers with us. The more servers you have with us, the less you will pay for each server.

Game Servers FAQ Pre-sales questions regarding web hosting, domain services and usage of such products and services

  • Do you offer multi server discounts?
    Although there is no rules set in stone we’re happy to discuss money off on the purchase of multiple servers or the purchase of an additional server with existing customers. Please feel free to contact us if you feel this is of interest.