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SSD Storage 1.5GB 2GB 2.5GB
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What is a fully managed VPS service?

All our VPS include full management with 365 day UK customer support. We take care of all the day to day server administration and can make any changes you need upon request.

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Frequently asked questions

Take a look at some of the most asked questons by our new customers

Why should I choose a VPS ?

A VPS has a lot of benefits over a dedicated server or your tpical web hosting platform. One of the main benefits is that if you suffer a hardware failure with a dedicated server there will be a lengthy amount of time until the problem is fixed, This is something you don’t need to worry about as a cloud VPS service such as ours has no single point of failure.

What would I possibly needa VPS for?

VPS are very versatile, from using them to host databases, game servers, web hosting platforms, platforms for multiple web hosting accounts and more. They can also be used for hosting anything where multiple users may need access to data.

Is there any contracts involved in VPS hosting?

There are no contracts, minimum monthly agreements or anything similar. Simply pay for as long as you need.

How do I control my VPS?

You will be given full root access on signup, however, you can also run a free control panel such as CentOS Web Panel, or VestaCP. Please select either on signup to get them pre-installed on your behalf

Do I get a free domain name with your VPS hosting?

Yes, you do, if you purchase any of our services, you will have the chance to select a domain name, comepletely free on the sign up process.

Do you offer any free transfers?

If you already have data on another server, we will move it from your old platform to our new servers completely free of charge