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Blog posts per month No 3
Directory submissions Yes Yes
Monthly relevant guest post Yes Yes
Keyword rotation Yes Yes
Monthly keyword research Yes Yes
Guest posting Yes Yes
Link profiling Yes Yes
Deletion of previous bad links Yes Yes
XML sitemap Yes Yes
Title tag optimisation Yes Yes
Content optimisation Yes Yes
Competitor Analysis Yes Yes

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Directory and business submission

Your web hosting plan comes with a full suite of hosting features to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Directory and business submission

We’ll submit your website to local, U.K., and international online business directories to increase exposure for your business. Increasingly, directories are becoming a go to location for people searching for new products and services and can serve as a useful source of traffic; they’re also a genuine, fully legitimate backlink to your website which can further improve search engine rankings.

Search engine focused content optimisation

Getting people to engage with your content is as much about how you say it, as it is what you say. We’ll review the content on your website and suggest alterations which can help improve interactions with your material. Content optimisation is also important for search engine rankings as unique. well written information provides a strong ranking signal.

Organic link building strategy

Link building is one of the strongest factors determining search engine ranking and is a key component of search engine ranking algorithms. To avoid penalties links must be from genuine sources and should be part of an organic review and referral information exchange. Our link building campaign centres on creating genuine, long lasting links through guest posting, directories and the exchange of valuable content.

Blog posts the fundamentals of content marketing

Content is the number one factor when trying to improve traffic. Thats why we will write keyword focused content and make sure that it meets the highest standard

Social media presence & frequency

Social media can be the number one way to generate new business. With all plans we will give detailed advice and offer improvements to your social media strategy

Digital marketing FAQ Please take a look below at our digital marketing FAQ

  • What is digital marketing?
  • This will vary depending on the type of business we’re representing and the type of strategies being used. Typically, results will take a few weeks to manifest as backlinks and link profiles require indexing before yielding improvements to search ranking, and while social media focused methods and cost per click advertising may appear to be instantaneous it can take some work to achieve the best possible keyword and audience combination. As a general rule of thumb we expect clients to see some improvement within 6 weeks.