The primary benefit of the CloudLinux operating system is the effective isolation of individual web hosting accounts hosted on the same server. This acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of malware and viruses, prevents any one individual from excessive use of server resources and also ensures that an entire server of accounts doesn’t go down should there be a problem with a particular account. And many of these benefits are derived from a module called CageFS. The structure loosely explained above is made possible utilising LVE’s, or lightweight virtual environments. LVE’s are created using CageFS, a virtualized file system that creates a ‘cage’ (a segregated area of server space) for each user, putting the isolation of users from one another into effect. CageFS has a number of benefits to both the web hosting provider and customer. These include: Users cannot see, access or edit another users files, nor will they know if another user accesses the server. Server configuration files are hidden from users. Users are unable to see other users processes. Users are only able to use safe binaries. Even though the above features primarily appear to relate to anonymity and security, users will stall have unrestricted access to all of the files and tools needed to run their website (no modifications to scripts are required).

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