The Underrated Benefits of the About Page

About Us Generally speaking, big business, whether online or in the high street, has a tendency towards the impersonal and some consumers find this lack of an apparent human connection to be off putting. Corporate businesses are able to get around this issue on the strength of their reputation, which have almost always been built over the course of many years; time that we, as small business owners, cannot afford to invest. Forming a connection with our customers is crucial for building trust and makes converting interest, or leads, into sales that much easier. As a small business owner it is important that we create a website which allows our customers to recognise and connect with us as people, no different from walking into a shop in person. The ‘About’ page is usually something of an afterthought for most website owners, however if done correctly it can act as an excellent marketing tool, allowing you to sell yourself and your company to your prospective customers and in the process work towards establishing that important personal connection that we talked about earlier. The basics of marketing focus on conveying certain messages; how customers will benefit from purchasing the product or service, how the product/service represents good value for money and why we are qualified to sell the product or service. A carefully constructed about us page can help us to answer at least one of these all important questions. When constructing an ‘About’ page you should make the key points concise and ensure they appear somewhere near the top of the page. Since the main benefit of an ‘about us’ page is to explain how we are qualified as a service provider this is normally a good place to start. You may want to list your education, qualifications, experience or perhaps you have a unique selling point; remember that selling yourself helps you to sell your product and services so don’t be too modest. Next, you should think about including some personal information, a hobby or the city where you live, perhaps. If your customers can relate to you through a shared interest, hobby or even geography it can make converting traffic to sales that much easier. Words of caution, however, don’t go overboard and give your life story; too much information can cause users to lose interest essentially nullifying the purpose of the page. Finally, using pictures is an incredibly way to create a connection with your customers, it shows them the face behind the website and the words. Remember though, just like at a job interview, first impressions are important so dress smartly, look presentable and in doing so you’ll help give your business a professional appearance.

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