The Relevance of SEO for Small Businesses

Marketing You hear quite often these days that SEO, at least as we know it, is dead or has diminished value. Instead, we should focus on social media marketing or cost per click advertising, for example; and while these are both viable strategies for improving traffic you’d be missing out on a significant amount of visitors if you choose to ignore SEO entirely.

SEO doesn’t work anymore?

Consumer surveys indicate that up to 80% of people begin the search for a new product or service online, and with the exception of people who know exactly what they’re looking for and where to go, a large majority will begin by using a search engine. And the most important thing to note with traffic created in this way is that it has a high conversion rate.

CPC advertising is better?

Clearly search engines are a major source of traffic for all websites and if you chose to ignore SEO then the logical alternative would be a focus on cost per click advertising. This is a reasonable strategy and can certainly prove to be effective however its not without issues. Firstly, price. Depending on your niche profitable keywords might be too costly to be worth the investment or provide too high a barrier to entry.

SEO doesn’t have to be expensive

There are important steps you can take to further the search engine friendliness of your website that only requires an investment of your time. Theses include but are not limited to:
  1. Researching your industry
  2. Searching for low competition and profitable key words
  3. Optimising the content on your website for both SEO and sales/conversion purposes
  4. Build links through cross promotion and guest posting

I’m an offline business so I don’t need SEO

In fact, small ‘local’ businesses benefit greatly from SEO, probably more so than larger online businesses. The reason being that a small investment to optimise your website will have a greater impact in a less crowded niche. For example, attempting to achieve page 1 on any search engine for the key word ‘car insurance’ would be immensely difficult, if not impossible. By comparison, achieving page 1/rank 1 for ‘Coffee Shop “town name” ‘ would be relatively easy and would mean everyone in your particular town who uses the internet to look for a coffee shop would have a high probability of finding your business.


Hopefully I’ve dispelled a few myths and given you something worthwhile to consider with regards to SEO, its worth and how it can be used to further your business. Of course, this post only really scratches the surface, however I think that the tone of the post and the nature of its content is reasonably suited to its intended audience, essentially new or inexperienced web masters with an idea what SEO is and entails but is unsure whether it has any applicable value to them and their business. Visit our Marketing page for a full breakdown of our SEO and marketing products and services.

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