New server upgrades: Better processing, connectivity and a switch to SSD’s

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This week we’ve implemented a significant upgrade to our web hosting servers, moving on from traditional HDD storage to an all SSD set up as well as recieving significant increases in processing (dual 6 core CPU’s) and connectivity (now 1Gb/s).

The move was made to ensure that the quality of our hosting product remains as high as possible with respect to day to day performance and stability, perhaps the two main criteria used to judge the value of a web hosting provider.

HDD’s are an attractive option for web hosts because they offer large storage capacity at a relatively low cost and for a long time this has helped to maximise profitability. However, in the increasingly competitive market place of online business, or business anywhere for that matter, in order to succeed you have to be able to do something that your competitors aren’t, or do what they do but do it better.

And this is where SSD’s come in.

SSD’s offer significantly greater performance compared to HDD storage and are also much more robust. Consequently, an SSD powered hosting package provides better value for money, i.e. your investment relative to the quality of the product of you recieve.

To break it down in a little more detail a typical SSD has (compared to a traditional HDD):

Faster copy/write speeds. Anywhere between 50-100% faster depending on the make and model.

Faster file opening speeds. Again its not possible to quantify this to any significant accuracy as there is variation between different makes, models and specifications however a relatively safe bet would be in the region of 20 to 40% faster.

No moving parts. Vastly lessening the chances of mechanical failure in the drive itself and also means there is no vibration which could potentially lead to mechanical failure in other server components.

There are other benefits such as lower power consumption, for example, however i believe the three stated above have the greatest relevance to our customers or other interested parties.

What this all means

On our end this means extra investment in our server infrastructure undertaken to ensure our hosting products remains of a high quality and also with a view to developing our business in the future.

From the point of view of our customers, our hosting principles remain the same, i.e. offering dedicated and clearly defined server resources and avoiding overselling at all costs, however they will now also benefit from better performing websites and a significant increase in server uptime.

Try our 100% SSD driven web hosting now with zero risk. If you need multiple accounts for multiple projects, please take a look at our reseller hosting plans

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