Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords


Using certain keywords and phrases throughout your website to help search engines send relevant traffic to your site is a well established strategy for increasing traffic. Keyword relevance, selection and promotion throughout the pages of your website is incredibly important for generating sustained organic traffic and furthering the development of your business. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are unfamiliar with aspects of SEO (search engine optimisation) at least as much as we know, or think we know, fall into the trap of trying to compete with well established companies, organisations and institutions who have the monopoly on the small list of generic terms that most concisely describe a particular niche and are effectively impossible to rank highly for. For example, if you were to start a health and fitness blog tomorrow you would have immense difficulty ranking for the term “fat loss” as you would have to compete with the hundreds of thousands of websites which already deal with this topic. And the problem with trying to out compete websites for a particular keyword is that the factors which determine where a website ranks on a particular search engine are admittedly not wholly understood, however what we do know is that it takes time and significant investment and is therefore not a viable strategy for small businesses.  

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords allows smaller businesses and website to rank for more specific terms in more refined niches with the aim of finding the sweet spot between search volume and competitiveness. Referring back to our example of fat loss, imagine how much easier it would be to rank for a phrase like “Top 5 fat loss tips for men over 50”, a phrase which would likely be popular enough to drive significant traffic to your site without being swamped by competition.  

Quicker & Easier

The process of ranking for a particular keyword takes time, time to build a base of content, time to promote your page to help create a back link profile, time for your domain to age and gain greater authority; you get the idea. Fortunately, long tail keywords, due to their greater specificity are quicker and easier to rank for which equates to less time and money that can be better spent invested elsewhere within your business.  

Specificity and Conversions

Another advantage which comes with the greater specificity of a long tail keyword is that the traffic which reaches your site is relevant and targeted. For example, somebody looking to buy a pair of mens size 8 red shoes is unlikely to search for “buy shoes” or “red shoes”, and will likely search for their exact requirements. If you happen to rank for “mens size 8 red shoes” and you offer this type of product then you are much more likely to make a sale.  
If you’re finding it difficult to market your business you may find it beneficial to pay more attention to keywords and specifically the use of long tail keywords. There are a number of excellent of tools you can use to conduct key word research, essentially the process of weighing up traffic v competition, and you may find this yields some interesting results. One things for sure, however, investing some time and energy in the promotions of long tail keywords will prove far more effective at furthering your business than trying to out compete your rivals within a broad niche.

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