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This post is designed to provide potential customers and anyone else whose interested with some information about the successful launch of our game server hosting products.

This is an area we’d been interested in starting for a while:

A. Because its largely related to our other hosting products game server hosting is a logical area of expansion.

B. Because gaming is a stable and expanding industry finding a product the fell equally within our niche (hosing) and the gaming industry is a valuable asset to the future expansion of

Now, obviously game server hosting is by no means a new product, in fact it’s been around as long as multiplayer games have been played on the internet, nor are we trying to reinvent the wheel; our goal is to simply offer high quality game server hosting, and therefore player experiences, at an affordable cost and hopefully make running your own server accessible to everyone.

Establishing & Maintaining Quality

As I’ve already explained, our objective is to provide a high quality service, not just a passable one, so how do we do that? Well, its simple:


Our dedicated game hosting server is our best equipped server with state of the art processing, RAM and storage components. Each game server hosted with us has a dedicated resource allocation ensuring a fair and proportional distribution between customers.


Our server benefits from an industrial scale dedicated connection with multiple layers of redundancy ensuring a fast and efficient flow of information and preventing bottlenecking at the server.

Tick Rate

Tick rate, a measure of how frequently the server updates the game state, the locations of players on the map, for example, can be highly influential on server performance. Consequently, higher tick rates are considered preferable as they provide as close to real time reaction as possible.

To add some context, the CS:GO competitive playlist servers run are 64 tick which means they can at a rate of 64 times per second. By contrast, our servers are 128 tick which means they can send the same amount of information in half the time.


There are a number of factors which can affect overall server performance however two common culprits are either the server hardware and connection aren’t able to handle the game/player load or the server has been poorly managed.

When I say poorly managed I mean that the server has been overloaded relative to the hardware and connectivity specifications. More simply, the provider is trying to host too many games on a single server.

This is something that we work proactively to avoid both with our shared web hosting services and now with our game server hosting. We believe it is far better to invest in extra server infrastructure in line with an expanding customer base instead of filling a single server to breaking point.

To End

Ideally, we hope that our game server hosting products can establish a reputation on the strength of their quality and value for money. As I’ve already said, we’re not reinventing the wheel but we are offering a high quality hosting product at a price that you’ll find hard to beat. If you’d be interested in purchasing game server hosting please check out the page here.

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