Developing Content for Your Website

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An integral part of website development is creating and choosing the type of content that you present to visitors and prospective customers.

Relevant and engaging content within your niche will be more likely to convert traffic into sales and help you to achieve greater overall success.

What makes content relevant and engaging? Superficially, content is relevant if it is in someway useful to people who express in an interest in your niche. True relevance is content that focuses specifically on the products or services that you offer for sale within that niche.

For example, at we primarily sell shared web hosting, web design and game server hosting, so our content focuses upon these areas. We also extend to topics of interest to small businesses owners as these are people who could benefit from our services.

Creating relevant content is quite straightforward however making your content engaging is requires a little more work.


An important part of search engine visibility comes from the identification of certain keywords and phrases which the search engine algorithm deems to be an accurate reflection of the subject matter of your website.

You can influence this, somewhat, by carefully choosing words and phrases to use throughout your content to describe your products and services. The hope being that if somebody uses a search engine to look for those terms that they will be directed to your website.

Of course, other businesses within your niche will also be trying to do this and so you want to try and identify phrases/words which are relatively low competition, i.e. there’s not a lot of people trying use them for ranking purposes, and those which have sufficiently high monthly searches so as to be beneficial from a business standpoint.

As different people will use different search terms to look for the same products, keyword diversity is also important. By using different terms and phrases to describe your key products you’ll help promote your material to more potential customers.

Keyword research tools such as the free Google Adwords Keyword tool can help you identify the different search terms relating to your niche, their popularity (monthly search volume) and relative competition.

Set The Tone

To help customers engage with your content it needs to be written with a consideration as to who your target audience is. For example, if you’re trying to sell make up to teenagers you don’t want to be to formal, and, by comparison, if you’re offering a fine dining experience then coming across too casual won’t work either.

This isn’t about identifying the type or class of people who are likely to buy your product, in fact relates more closely to the product and the type of content people expect to be associated with it.

For example, a tradesman will feel comfortable using technical abbreviations and acronyms when purchasing hardware from a specialist trade supplier, so this type of content is relevant and engaging. By contrast, the same builder wouldn’t feel as comfortable if they purchased a helicopter flying lesson and the instructor instantly launched into technical jargon. In this case, simple and straightforward language is more applicable.

So determine what type of product or service you’re selling, who the target audience is most likely to be, and the type of language that is most appropriate depending upon your products or services.

Answer Questions

When we buy something we are guided down a pathway starting from a broad product selection progressively narrowing down to the checkout and transaction.

At various stages along this pathway we’ll likely have questions, uncertainties and doubts which depending upon the information made available to us and the answers we receive can influence our decision to purchase a product or not.

As a website and business owner its important to take a pre-emptive approach to answering questions that your customers are likely to have. Obviously, the information you provide will depend on the type of product, how much it costs and the industry, however generally speaking people are concerned with cost, reliability, durability and how applicable it is to there particular problem.

For example, a carpenter will want to know that a power tool is sufficiently capable of performing its job, i.e. sawing, cutting drilling, and is durable enough to sustain heavy daily use. So if your website sold power tools this is a particular type of content you’ll want to focus on.

Finish Up

Developing content for your website doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep the notions of relevance and engagement in mind and otherwise ensure that your spelling and grammar is up to scratch.

You’ll almost certainly find that your content writing improves the more you do of it, and it tends to become something that you’ll constantly be tweaking, and, of course, this is no bad thing.

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