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For some, designing and creating a website is an interesting challenge and a worthwhile use of time. This is particularly true for businesses which operate with a substantial amount of autonomy, have a number of employees (therefore someone to cover other areas) or new ventures yet to take off.

For those people and businesses which exist in the middle ground, one in which business is suitably booming and time is a precious commodity, finding time to sit down and be creative whilst simultaneously learning the ins and outs of web design is a daunting if not impossible task.

If any of the above paragraph sounds applicable to your situation then our range of shared hosting packages are the perfect place to start. Beyond the allocation of web server resources you’ll also receive access to free site builder software, which can greatly accelerate the process of translating your ideas into a finished product. Additionally, the one click install apps available via the Softaculous autoinstaller provides a quick and efficient starting point for your freshly created web hosting account.

Fortunately for the latter, we have a product created specifically to service their needs. Our all inclusive web design, hosting and management packages, from hear on our simply referred to as web design, were thought up for the very people who, from a business sense, require a website yet are unable to find the time to dedicate to creating one.

How it works

The process is very simple; we have three tiers of packages, which it may help you to think of as small, medium and large, and each is assigned a yearly price. The packages differ on the basis of the complexity of the finished website and the amount of management aftercare you need or want. If you’re unsure regarding the suitability of a particular package please feel free to contact us and we can hopefully point you in the right direction.

Consultation and buying process

We’ve attempted to simplify the buying process as much as possible, and have thus far whittled it down to a simple email consultation with a follow up telephone conversation if desired. We’ll gather as much information as you can offer relating to how you want the site to look, and what content you want included and where. If both parties feel this is sufficient we can get started. As we proceed through various developmental milestones we’ll give you the opportunity to see how we’re getting on and offer any criticisms or modifications you’d like implemented, and this will continue until the website is finished, however, even then we’re willing to make any alterations you may request.


From the management side of things we’ll ensure you’re content management system is kept up to date, so to any plugins which have been used. This is important to maintain function, i.e. minimise the risk of version conflicts, and also security. As vulnerabilities in the software are typically patched when they come to light. We’ll also take care of the spam which invariably accompanies new websites making sure that genuine business enquiries reach you via your dedicated business email accounts.

Marketing and promotion

The final element of the design packages is promotion and digital marketing. This is accomplished in a number of ways, all are conventional and proven effective means of improving traffic or at the very least search engine ranking providing your key words aren’t overly competitive. Our methods focus on social media posts, business directory submissions and blog/article guest posts as a means of establishing a link profile helping potential customers to find your site, whilst simultaneously improving search engine ranking results.

Final words

If you’re at all interested in any of our web hosting, design, marketing or game server products please look around our website for more information, and if you have any questions which you don’t feel were answered feel free to drop us a line or send an email.

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