3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Game Server Hosting

Powerful Processor

As games progressively advance in game play mechanics/physics and graphics it becomes increasingly difficult and impractical for a domestic machine to host a server. And this is reflected by the nature of the game server hosting business as demand for dedicated game servers for popular multiplayer games such as CS:GO or Minecraft, for example, is ever increasing.

The take home point being if you want control of your own server and simultaneously seek a fast and reliable multiplayer gaming experience then a dedicated game server is a necessity.


Latency is the time it takes for your computer and the server upon which you’re playing to communicate with each other and update what’s going on in the game. And this happens thousands upon thousands of times during a typical game and should go relatively unnoticed.

However, we’ve all had those moments where you swear you shot first yet still died or the random lag jump which sees you change position rapidly and out of your control and this is due to a high latency. Low latency makes for a smooth and responsive player experience and is a highly desirable quality.

A dedicated game server will benefit from the industrial scale connectivity available at a professional data centre which will help keep latency down and provide a better user experience for all of the players on your server. Of course, individual players home connection is still important however you won’t have to worry about the server connection.



Dedicated servers are typically outfitted with powerful, high specification hardware which is several times more powerful than even the most advanced gaming spec PC. As a result they are better equipped to carry out large amounts of complex or resource heavy tasks at any one time, which in turn can provide faster loading times and greater responsiveness to players using the server.


Not only is dedicated server hardware built to perform, it is also incredibly long lasting and reliable. Servers commonly run for thousands of hours with little to no downtime aside from the occasional reboot and rarely suffer equipment failure. In fact, breakdowns are so infrequent that many server providers will offer an uptime guarantee and provide refunds if they don’t manage to uphold it.

Additionally, manned data centres will have staff on hand in the event of a technical failure who will work quickly and efficiently to replace damaged hardware and or resolve any other problems that might arise.


Setting up and configuring your game server should be a relatively straightforward process however, as with most things, there’s always room for the unexpected. In those cases your hosting provider will be on hand to help you with any issues you may be having. At webhostGB.com we offer support through a variety of channels including phone, live chat, email and ticketing and welcome customers to choose the most convenient option for them.

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