3 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to engage with interested parties about your products or services and other relevant information. The premise is that people, typically customers past and present, opt into your mailing list in return for exclusive information relating to product releases, discounts or free material. In return, you’re presented with an opportunity to promote your material and hopefully secure a sale.

That said it can be quite challenging to get it right. Unfortunately, effective email marketing is as much art as it is science, however there are some general principles which can help you in the right direction.


However large your mailing list is or becomes, its important to compose emails which speak to individuals as opposed to addressing an audience. This means use language which addresses individuals as opposed to generic group focused terms such as “hey guys”.

The members of your mailing list won’t know how many emails you send or to who, all they’re concerned with are the emails they receive and the information contained within it. And people are going to be much more likely to engage with the content if its at least appears to be addressed to them as an individual.

Don’t Oversell

Ultimately, the purpose of an email marketing campaign is to generate sales for your business or affiliate partner. However, blasting hard sell product reviews and shop front links is unlikely to yield much long term success.

The right way to go about it is to adopt a give and take attitude. If you provide your audience with genuinely useful content such as a how to or an in-depth, sales copy free product review then people will feel that being part of this list is a benefit to them and will be much more likely to engage with your content that does contain sales copy and links.


The subject matter of your emails will, of course, depend on the nature of your business. Although it sounds obvious its worth remembering that people who opted into your mailing list did so because they have an interest that industry so the information you provide should be relevant to said industry or a related aspect.

There are some exceptions, some big name email marketers have built sufficient reputation and popularity that they’re able to sell a wide variety of products and achieve success, however by the same token its extremely unlikely that they’d require a blog post such as this for advice.


Email marketing done right is a great way to secure sales, and if you strike that balance between sales focused material and genuinely useful and free information then your mailing list becomes an asset which you can progressively grow to further your outreach. However, to become a successful email marketer takes time and work to figure out the intricacies of producing engaging material and composing emails.

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