Why your small business needs a website

Recent constraints placed on the job market, in particular the difficulty securing full time and permenant employment, has inevitably driven more and more people to look towards self employment as a means of making a living. Of course, this is no easy ticket. Depending on the industry, a small business will likely have a number… Read more »

6 tips to improve page load speed

If your website is an integral part of your business operations then page loading speed is something you can’t afford to overlook. Slow load speeds can seriously hamper usability and severley limit customer engagement, and often times visitors won’t return following a poor user experience. Content management systems, like WordPress, for example, are undenaibly excellent… Read more »

30% Off for Web Hosting in January

WebHostGB.com are offering all new customers 30% off this January. On all web hosting, reseller hosting and web design services. This will run throughout the month and you can use the code on all products and services from the links above. If you are a current customer, we will also apply the code to your… Read more »

Font Styling in Web Design

There are a lot of things to consider when designing and creating your own website. From page layouts and colours, to design elements and pictures; the list is undoubtedly a long one, yet there’s one element which is incredibly impactful yet often neglected: font styling. Choosing a font style for your website needs to go… Read more »