The Benefits of Having Your Own Game Server

Posted in Marketing, Small Business on Sep 08, 2018

If you think back to truly memorable online gaming experiences, you may notice that you were so immersed in the state of the game and the game play that the performance of the server went completely unnoticed. Would this have been the case if the server was performing badly? Probably not. And this point proves why good dedicated game servers are so integral to an enjoyable gaming experience.


Whether you're a dedicated gamer searching for greater control of the fine tuning or you regularly play with a group of people and are in search of an HQ, as it were, investing in your own dedicated game server could prove to be the ideal solution. With your server you'll obviously have the advantage of a stable location, reliable connections, guaranteed slot reservation and the ability to set whichever rules you enjoy playing under.

Your Server Your Rules

For example, you could choose to run a 40 slot, casual Counter-Strike server with AWPs limited to 1 per team, using the competitive map rotation. Or you could play death match, headshot only death match, surf or bunny hop. The point is you play whichever way that you enjoy the most and you'll always have a reliable place to do so.

Mute, Kick, Ban

Another advantage is the ability to control who plays on your server. Clearly, if you want your server to be popular you don't want to go on nightly banning sprees, but if somebody is being blatantly offensive or cheating then you'll have a range of options available to stop them from interfering with peoples enjoyment of the game.


Game server hosting providers, such as ourselves, offer pre-packaged game servers to rent, i.e. a ready made server to which you are provided admin user access. You're free to apply any rules or customisation you like and you're server can be up and running very quickly. The game servers are run from a powerful dedicated server which benefits from high performance hardware and industrial scale connectivity and ensures a smooth and reliable performance. This type of server hosting is usually priced on a fixed per slot basis and offers the best balance between performance, control and cost.

Another option is to invest in your own dedicated server and go from there. With that said, however, there a couple of issues. Firstly, configuring a dedicated server to run game servers will require you to have some knowledge of server command line, and whilst there is some help available online, this isn't the easiest place to start and not really suitable for beginners. The other issue is that even the smallest dedicated server is likely to have the capacity to run several game servers and would be like buying a bus to use as a run around. Its then a matter of whether its worth paying for all of that space you might not need.

The third option, although, not really viable anymore is using a machine of your own to run the dedicated game server. The problem with this is you'll need a powerful computer with lots of storage and a reliably fast internet connection. Even then, the demands of modern games puts competitive performance beyond the realm of the home based game server.