The Benefits of Web Site Builders

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Jul 15, 2017

Beginners looking to create their first website may find the thought of learning and implementing code intimidating and this often brings with it a certain reluctance to pursue the matter further, even though a website can be of benefit to them, whether personally or professionally.

Of course, the alternative is to have a professional design and create their website which, while an excellent idea, does come with a certain amount of monetary investment which some won't be able to commit to, at least not right away.

Then we have the third option, the free site builder software. Available as a free product addon from hosting providers, or in the from specialist providers they enable just about anyone to create their own blog, small business website or online retail store without having to understand code or invest in design services.

So, for somebody considering this route as a way of creating an online presence what are the major plus points?

You're in control

Free site builder software puts you firmly in the drivers seat, you decide the design and, using the 'what you see is what you get' style interface, you're able to implement it without needing to know anything of coding languages such as html or CSS.

Starting point

Its often easier to be creative if you have a starting point, something to customise and build upon, as opposed to starting with a completely blank slate. The majority of site builders will offer users a selection of heavily customisable templates to start from, saving you time and helping the creative process.


As I alluded to earlier, site builders are commonly available as a free product when you purchase a web hosting plan or as a standalone product from specialist service providers. Whatever the case, they're significantly cheaper than the cost of hiring a developer and, as a result, are perfect for beginners not wishing to invest too heavily in their first site.

Development is fast

The WYSIWYG editor greatly speeds up the process of web development. You can adjust content position, add images and change colours with a few simple clicks. This is in stark contrast to traditional web design which requires the careful crafting of line upon line of code to carry out the same processes.


As good as the latest generation site builders are they're not suitable for everyone and every purpose. Large business websites, those which store large volumes of data or carry out complex operations should lean towards hiring a developer, however for the small business owner looking to establish themselves online thy're a great way to get started.

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Jul 15, 2017