About our pay monthly web design packages

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Sep 25, 2017

Web hosting is a strange product to sell sometimes as it can be both straightforward and somewhat complex depending on the customer, their background and experience.

Of course, web hosting is a vital component to running and maintaining a website but of itself it won't help you actually create your website; that part is up to you.

At webhostgb.com we try and make the process simple for our customers with free access to drag and drop site building software, for example, or 1-click WordPress installs via Softaculous for those who want to build it themselves. And granted, this does make things easier however it still requires a substantial commitment of both time and effort to all sorts of things such as: creating a visually appealing design, learning how to use the builder software, how to implement and edit elements with a theme or UI kit, learning how to navigate the CMS interface and much more; all of this is doable, particularly with the resources freely available online, but once again it's a commitment.

I'm sure in an ideal world people would love to have the free time to learn to build their own websites, but unfortunately schedule often gets in the way. And it is for people in that very situation that led us to develop our pay monthly, managed web design packages.

How it works

The process is incredibly straightforward, you choose the plan, from basic, business or commercial, which you think best describes your business and it's needs and we'll contact you to arrange a consultation at a time and method of your convenience. Consultation

At the consultation we'll discuss your business, how you want to structure your website in terms of content per page and page titles, colour schemes, fonts, the use of images, widgets and plugins to add extra features and deadlines. Of course, we may well cover more areas then this however this will likely be the core of our discussion.

Design and Build

Once you're happy with the concept we've laid out during the consultation we can get started creating a design and starting the build. At this point it's up to us to deliver to you a great looking website the meets all of your criteria. I'd also like to add that you can be as involved in this stage as you like; for example, we can send you weekly updates or simply contact you to unveil the finished product, it's up to you.

Changes and Alterations

After you've had a chance to look over the website we're happy to undertake any changes or alteration you wish us to make. Obviously, unless you're working right next to us its going to be difficult to create the exact website you first envisaged, but to make sure you're completely satisfied we don't put an arbitrary cap on the number of tweaks and changes you're allowed nor do we charge extra for them.


When we finish the final build we'll contact you to deliver your website. We'll provide you with all of the necessary log in details and show you around behind the scenes, as it were. Our pay monthly web design packages are a managed program, so after the first 6 months, which is the time allocated to paying for the website, your payments continue but at a lesser rate. This covers our continued web hosting, a product which you need to keep your website online, and also an after care and management service.

Aftercare and Management

The management aspect involves ensuring important security updates are installed, for both the content management system and any plugins which may have been used. We'll also help iron out any problems you might be having with a particular function or design piece.

Closing Thoughts

Although we've laid it out as a three step system the entire process is really quite flexible and can be worked around your schedule. We think this is a great way for people to get their own website at a reasonable price, certainly when compared to many mainstream web designers, and in a time efficient manner without many of the headaches and hassles from learning to do it yourself.

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Sep 25, 2017