Introduction to Email Antivirus and Antimalware Scanners

Posted in Email, Web Hosting on Jul 15, 2017

Email is one of the most important and widely used communication methods in business today providing a fast and efficient means for staff members and customers to communicate with one another in a near instantaneous manner, and one which provides a record of the communication for reference.

It is also one of the pathways hackers, or any othe malicious parties for that matter, seek to exploit to gain access to your business and any of the sensitive information which may be communicated during your day to day activites.

Unfortunately, email based malware becomes increasingly sophisticated and mo...

Focus on Your Target Audience When You Design a New Website

Posted in Blog, Content Marketing, Web Design on Jul 13, 2017

Ideally your website should be designed in a manner which is appealing, both in terms of visual appearance and the way that content is presented, to your main target audience, the type of people which makes up the bulk of your sales.

Obviously some businesses will have an easier time achieving this than others , for example, the demographic of a general store will be extremely varied whereas, by comparisson, the target demographic for a builders merchant will largely be people working in skilled trades and enthusiastic DIYers - far more specific and targetable.

If you have a firm grasp of your...

Know Your Product Before You Buy Web Hosting

Posted in Blog, Marketing, Promotions on Jul 13, 2017

Knowledge and time invested in research are valuable assets for any buyer, and this is never more true than when you're looking to buy expensive items or products from within a crowded market place (hence you have a lot of choice at the same or similar price point).

Advertisers will, quite naturally, try and highlight the positive aspects of their products whilst detracting or ignoring any flaws or indifferent aspects, but this is usually a fairly simple description or comparison and can gloss over important issues.

A good example of this would be purchasing a car. The car dealer can provide i...

Picking a New Web Host.. Who Do You Choose

Posted in Web Hosting on May 19, 2017

When picking a new web host it is vital you look over the full packagedetails that there is to offer. Web hosts differ in many ways, for example server hardware usage, such as disk space, and bandwidth. Below is a list of the five most important things to look at when choosing a potentially new web host.

1. Uptime guarantee

You want to make sure thatĀ  your website is live and visible almost all of the time. Obviously its unfair to asume that it will beĀ  live 100% of the time, as servers need to be rebooted and patches need to be applied for them to be a secure platform. Anything around 99.5% a...