Extra Income From Web Hosting: Affiliate vs Reseller

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If you're looking for an inexpensive and relatively easy way to start your own web hosting business or augment an existing online business with hosting services there are a couple of options you can take.

Affiliate Scheme

As the name implies, an affiliate web host is somebody who uses the influence of their website or social media to send traffic to a web host with whom they have an affiliate agreement. If this directed traffic then converts, the affiliate will receive a percentage of the sales value and this can last for the lifetime of the subscription, however this is not always the case.


5 Web Design Tips for Small Business Websites

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Perfect your logo

Your logo acts as a visual representation of your business, your website and or your brand, so its important that your logo is well polished and occupies a position of prominence on your website. The top left of the page is a common placement however this isn't set in stone. You want as many of your visitors to see your logo as possible because this can be beneficial for developing brand recognition.

Use intuitive navigation

Most websites make use of a primary navigation bar spanning the top of the page whilst secondary navigation structures tend to be a little more varied. ...

Importance of Marketing for Small Businesses

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The overall success of any business depends on being able to sell your product or service to customers and to do this most efficiently requires investment in marketing, whether this is in the form of time or money or likely both. Marketing is actually quite a broad term encompassing a variety of different strategies, advertising, promotions and public exposure, for example, however the recurring theme is the aim to expose your product or service to as many potential customers as possible.

The take home point when it comes to a business which is unaware of the power of marketing is that you can...

The Relevance of SEO for Small Businesses

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You hear quite often these days that SEO, at least as we know it, is dead or has diminished value. Instead, we should focus on social media marketing or cost per click advertising, for example; and while these are both viable strategies for improving traffic you'd be missing out on a significant amount of visitors if you choose to ignore SEO entirely.

SEO doesn't work anymore?

Consumer surveys indicate that up to 80% of people begin the search for a new product or service online, and with the exception of people who know exactly what they're looking for and where to go, a large majority will...

3 Simple & Cost Effective Methods of Securing Your Website

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Online security often seems like a perpetual game of cat and mouse. On one side you have the developers who look to implement new security measures and identify and fix vulnerabilities, whilst on the other side hackers, acting in direct opposition, search for exploits and work arounds.

And as hackers are constantly looking for new ways to circumvent website security its important to take a proactive approach to security as failure to do so can result in some very serious ramifications for your business. Fortunately, there are some simple yet highly effective measures you can use to help safeg...

2 Methods of Improving Viewer Attention/Retention

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The whole purpose of creating a website is to be able to convey a message to an audience; of course, the specifics of the interaction will differ depending on the type of website, however the need to attract and maintain attention to important information is universal.

The Importance of Placement

The serial position effect tells us that the top and bottom are the most important part of a page as they elicit the greatest recall/retention with readers. Unfortunately, this means that content in the middle of pages is at risk of being overlooked and or forgotten.

Practically, this is an incentiv...

An Introduction to Web Servers & Web Hosting

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Server Features & Composition

This post is intended to offer everyday web hosting customers a basic overview of a web server within the context of web hosting. Also its worth noting that this post focuses on commercial web servers and the delivery of shared hosting packages as even though its possible to host your own website its far easier, and likely cheaper, to invest in the services of a dedicated hosting provider.

The web server is the linchpin of a web hosting business. Structurally, it is not too dissimilar to a standard computer as they are composed of familiar hardware items includi...

3 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Email marketing is a great way to engage with interested parties about your products or services and other relevant information. The premise is that people, typically customers past and present, opt into your mailing list in return for exclusive information relating to product releases, discounts or free material. In return, you're presented with an opportunity to promote your material and hopefully secure a sale.

That said it can be quite challenging to get it right. Unfortunately, effective email marketing is as much art as it is science, however there are some general principles which can ...

Disk Space & Bandwidth: How Much Do You Need?

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When you purchase a web hosting plan you are essentially allocated a share, specific or otherwise, of web server resources, and perhaps chief among these are bandwidth and disk space.

Bandwidth is a measure of data transfer and essentially determines how many people can visit and interact with your website. Clearly bandwidth is an important feature so much do you need?

Well, for one it will depend on the composition of your website; Predominately text based websites will require less bandwidth than a video or image sharing website. Similarly websites with few monthly visitors won't need as m...

Email Security: Safeguarding Your Information

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Whether you conduct the majority of your business online or in person, email is a vital communication tool, greatly increasing the speed and efficiency with which you can send written messages.

Unfortunately it's not without drawbacks. Email exploitation is a preferred method of hackers seeking to access restricted information. After all, it's not uncommon for sensitive information such as system log in credentials to be sent back and forth via email, particularly in office environments.

And this is not something which only afflicts the very large or very small businesses; all businesses are...