ID Protect

Posted in Features on Jul 15, 2017

Over 80% of identity fraud cases committed in the UK in 2015 featured an online component; add to this the millions of spam and phishing emails sent year upon year and its clear that its never been more important to keep your private information safe.

One of the ways potential fraudsters and spammers can access information is by checking domain public records, a remarkably simple process. All they have to do is enter a URL and click search, and the name, address and email of the domain owner is instantly revealed.

ID protect, available for a one off payment of £5, makes your information privat...


Posted in Features on Jul 15, 2017

The primary benefit of the CloudLinux operating system is the effective isolation of individual web hosting accounts hosted on the same server. This acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of malware and viruses, prevents any one individual from excessive use of server resources and also ensures that an entire server of accounts doesn't go down should there be a problem with a particular account. And many of these benefits are derived from a module called CageFS.

The structure loosely explained above is made possible utilising LVE's, or lightweight virtual environments. LVE's are created using...

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Posted in Features on Jul 15, 2017

A virtual private server (VPS) provides similar levels of control to a dedicated server and is a significant step up in terms of performance from a shared hosting package.

As the name implies, a VPS is in effect a virtual dedicated server including operating system, which the user has complete access to and control over. This allows the customer to configure their server to their exact specifications including software installation and reboots.

The VPS operating systems are installed on the physical server and are each allocated a portion of the server resources depending on the specification ...

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Posted in Blog, Social Media on Jul 15, 2017

To run a successful business requires time and energy, and as these are not infinite resources an emphasis needs to be placed on efficiency and finding actions which yield the greatest results relative to the time and effort invested in achieving them.

On that note, social media platforms provide an excellent and mostly free way to market your business to thousands of potential customers. Like most things you tend to get out of it what you put in, however some platforms are more suitable to the needs of the small business than others and rather than spread yourself thin, I recommend you focus ...

The Underrated Benefits of the About Page

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Jul 15, 2017

Generally speaking, big business, whether online or in the high street, has a tendency towards the impersonal and some consumers find this lack of an apparent human connection to be off putting.

Corporate businesses are able to get around this issue on the strength of their reputation, which have almost always been built over the course of many years; time that we, as small business owners, cannot afford to invest. Forming a connection with our customers is crucial for building trust and makes converting interest, or leads, into sales that much easier. As a small business owner it is important...

When to Upgrade From Shared Hosting?

Posted in Blog, Web Hosting on Jul 15, 2017

Upgrading your system to a dedicated server can help further the expansion of your business. Although cost intensive in comparison to shared platforms, dedicated servers are significantly more powerful and can be used to remove the performance bottleneck you will invariably encounter using a shared package.

Hosting is a business expense

With the above in mind it then becomes a question of deciding when to take the plunge and invest in a dedicated server or perhaps servers. Clearly, part of what makes a business successful is minimising unnecessary expenditure so it’s not a decision to take lig...

The Benefits of Evergreen Content

Posted in Blog, Content Marketing, Web Design on Jul 15, 2017

Unlike most of the information which makes it to the web, evergreen content doesn’t focus on social media trends or the latest news but covers a core subject, one which isn’t likely to change in the coming years, at least not drastically. For this reason the material remains relevant in the long term and therefore provides usefulness for your customers today, tomorrow and so on.

A relatively straightforward way to create evergreen content is to approach problems from the viewpoint of a complete beginner. The aim is to create a comprehensive guide to your specialist subject to provide a foundat...

5 Common Web Design Mistakes

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Jul 15, 2017

As small business or personal website owners our aim is to create a visually impressive website which puts us ahead of the competition; the problem is often times we sabotage ourselves in our quest for perfection.

Text Heavy

Inexperienced web designers will often fall into the trap of taking a more is more approach; usually this is in a quest to provide prospective customers with as much information as possible to persuade them into making a purchase or sign up. The problem is that forcing people to read a wall of text in order to find the information they want can lead to disengagement. Infor...

Long Tail Keywords

Posted in Blog, Content Marketing, Web Design on Jul 15, 2017


Using certain keywords and phrases throughout your website to help search engines send relevant traffic to your site is a well established strategy for increasing traffic. Keyword relevance, selection and promotion throughout the pages of your website is incredibly important for generating sustained organic traffic and furthering the development of your business.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who are unfamiliar with aspects of SEO (search engine optimisation) at least as much as we know, or think we know, fall into the trap of trying to compete with well established companies, organi...

The Importance of Marketing

Posted in Blog, Small Business, Social Media, Startup on Jul 15, 2017

The overall success of any business depends on being able to sell your product or service to customers and to do this most efficiently requires investment in marketing, whether this is in the form of time or money or likely both. Marketing is actually quite a broad term encompassing a variety of different strategies, advertising, promotions and public exposure, for example, however the recurring theme is the aim to expose your product or service to as many potential customers as possible.

The take home point when it comes to a business which is unaware of the power of marketing is that you can...