3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Game Server Hosting

Posted in Blog, Game Servers on Jul 15, 2017

As games progressively advance in game play mechanics/physics and graphics it becomes increasingly difficult and impractical for a domestic machine to host a server. And this is reflected by the nature of the game server hosting business as demand for dedicated game servers for popular multiplayer games such as CS:GO or Minecraft, for example, is ever increasing.

The take home point being if you want control of your own server and simultaneously seek a fast and reliable multiplayer gaming experience then a dedicated game server is a necessity.


Latency is the time it takes for your com...

What Separates the Fast Hosts from the Rest?

Posted in Blog, Web Hosting on Jul 15, 2017

There are a number of factors which determine the quality of web hosting, however the two most people would rank highest in terms of importance are speed and reliability with security interchangeable in either position.

When we speak of speed in the context of web hosting we refer to things like how quickly do the pages of your website load and how quickly can you upload/download data to and from the hosting server. This is important for the overall user friendliness of your website and how quickly you're able to develop and add to your content.

Reliability, by comparison, is more to do with...

3 Reasons Many New Businesses Fail

Posted in Blog, Small Business on Jul 15, 2017

1. No Real Business Plan

The business plan, whilst often overlooked, provides the blue prints for the growth and development of a new business, all the way from the initial concept to the intricacies of the figures.

Many prospective business owners stop all forms of forward planning at the ideas stage and then jump right into things. Sometimes this works, but more often than not it doesn't.

A business plan will help determine whether an idea is viable in the first place and, if it is, provide realistic and achievable 'goals' for the development of that business, preventing any nasty surprises ...

5 Ways to Improve the Design of Your Website

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Jul 15, 2017

1. Perfect your logo

Your logo acts as a visual representation of your business, your website and or your brand, so its important that your logo is well polished and occupies a position of prominence on your website. The top left of the page is a common placement however this isn't set in stone. You want as many of your visitors to see your logo as possible because this can be beneficial for developing brand recognition.

2.Use intuitive navigation.

Most websites make use of a primary navigation bar spanning the top of the page whilst secondary navigation structures tend to be a little more va...

Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates

Posted in Features on Jul 15, 2017

Lets Encrypt is a free SSL certificate service provided to web hosts to allow users to install and certify their websites with an SSL certificate from the CPanel menu. Anyone who owns a domain can use the free SSL service to issue a certificate and create a trust zone for their website. The service is great for beginner web designers who are looking at providing their first layer of website security to their new site.

Google has reported that SSL certificates hold a huge benefit to search engine optimisation. Therefore as a free service it is strongly recommended that you take advantage of thi...

Comparing POP & IMAP Email Protocols

Posted in Blog, Email, Features on Jul 15, 2017

When it comes to email configuration there are two terms (acronyms) that people will be familiar with, POP and IMAP; both are email server protocols which provides users with remote access to their email, however they work quite differently.

POP, or Post Office Protocol, is the least complex of the two, and essentially works by downloading email from an email server to a users computer. When this process has been completed the email is typically removed from the remote server. The major drawback of the POP email protocol is that it is unable to coordinate access/actions across multiple devices...

TCADMIN - The Game Hosting Control Panel

Posted in Features on Jul 15, 2017

TCADMIN is the current market leader in providing a all in one control panel for game server administration, management and creation. TCAmin is a very powerful, flexible tool which is used to process automated requests for game server creation, whilst also allowing the end user complete control to edit and customise their game server however they wish.

TCAdmin allows for many different games to be installed on the same environment, whilst maintaining a stable platform and reducing any unnecessary latency.

Additionally to game servers TCAdmin also allows users to manage and control their voice ...

PHP Selector Hosting Packages

Posted in Features on Jul 15, 2017

PHP Selector is a feature enabled by the use of CloudLinux and CageFS. Essentially, both systems allow for isolated enviroments to be created for each hosting user. Allowing them to have control over their own small enviroment. This greatly improves the amount of different options the end user has, which one of these being able to select different PHP versions as well as different modules.

This is a very important peice of software, which shouldnt be overlooked, as many content mangement systems, billing systems and forums require different PHP versions and different modules to work effectivel...


Posted in Features on Jul 15, 2017

phpMyAdmin is free open source software which allows a user to control and manage MySQL through a browser based interface. You can control common website opration processes ranging from database management and organisation to users and permissions, whilst still facilitating the use of SQL commands should you require them.

phpMyAdmin is is compatible with multiple operating systems and is currently available in 78 different languages making it a truly accessible software option and the standout program of its kind.

Notable features of phpMyAdmin include:

A user friendly browser based interface

Softaculous Script Installer

Posted in Features on Jul 15, 2017

The Softaculous autoinstaller provides access to over 300 scripts including: content management systems, blogging platforms, shopping carts, galleries, guestbooks and forums to name just a few. A web hosting account with Webhost.exchange includes free access to Softaculous via CPanel.

The Softaculous interface is incredibly user friendly and you can search for and install scripts often times with a single click. You can also update your current installation, backup installations or remove unwanted versions.