The Benefits of Having Your Own Game Server

Posted in Blog, Game Servers on Jul 15, 2017

If you think back to truly memorable online gaming experiences, you may notice that you were so immersed in the state of the game and the game play that the performance of the server went completely unnoticed. Would this have been the case if the server was performing badly? Probably not. And this point proves why good dedicated game servers are so integral to an enjoyable gaming experience.


Whether you're a dedicated gamer searching for greater control of the fine tuning or you regularly play with a group of people and are in search of an HQ, as it were, investing in your own dedicated ...

3 Reasons Tradesman Should Have Their Own Website

Posted in Blog, Small Business on Jul 15, 2017

Tradesmen commonly rely upon word of mouth and local advertising methods to secure business without considering the advantages that a website could provide them.

Here are three reasons why a website is beneficial to tradesman.

1. Exposure & Visibility

The internet is a global medium used daily by millions of people, and while a lot of this traffic will live tens, hundreds and even thousands of miles from you and your business, there will still be people within your local area using the internet to find a new product and or service provider. In fact, a recent survey by a consumer website fo...

Developing Content for Your Website

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An integral part of website development is creating and choosing the type of content that you present to visitors and prospective customers.

Relevant and engaging content within your niche will be more likely to convert traffic into sales and help you to achieve greater overall success.

What makes content relevant and engaging? Superficially, content is relevant if it is in someway useful to people who express in an interest in your niche. True relevance is content that focuses specifically on the products or services that you offer for sale within that niche.

For example, at we ...

Benefits of an SSL Certificate for Small Business Websites

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An SSL certificate is a means of securing, via encryption, the information exchanged between your website and a users browser. As such an SSL certificate is particularly beneficial to businesses and websites which deal with data storage and financial transactions.

The benefits of having SSL encryption extend beyond data security, despite its obvious importance, and include improved customer trust, reputation and higher search engine rankings.

With entry level options starting from as little as £10 per year, an SSL certificate is a cost effective and valuable asset to your website and busine...

5 Reasons a Website is Important for Small & Local Businesses

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Running a small businesses is by no means easy and this may be why some small business owners, particularly local service providers, are reluctant to create a website. when the benefits aren't immediately apparent and in the face of a seemingly never ending list of jobs.

Regardless of how small your business is, a website can help you secure new customers and in doing so furthering development, expansion and profit.

1. Sheer numbers

The Office for National Statistics reports that in the UK, 87.9% of adults have used the internet at some point in the 3 months following the 20/05/2016 reporting...

Game Server Hosting at

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This post is designed to provide potential customers and anyone else whose interested with some information about the successful launch of our game server hosting products.

This is an area we'd been interested in starting for a while:

A. Because its largely related to our other hosting products game server hosting is a logical area of expansion.

B. Because gaming is a stable and expanding industry finding a product the fell equally within our niche (hosing) and the gaming industry is a valuable asset to the future expansion of

Now, obviously game server hosting is by no mean...

4 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses & Startups

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Among the many difficulties facing new and start up businesses arguably the most important is securing those vital first customers. Get it right and you'll ease financial strain, gain confidence and start to build a reputation. Get it wrong and you're left with dreaded uncertainty.

So how do small businesses and start ups, in particular, go about finding new customers? The same way that all businesses do, advertisement and marketing. And whilst you may not have the budget or the experience of the big corporations, the really important principles are the same and just need to be applied relativ...

Common Game Server Related Terminology

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If you've ever been part of an online gaming community you'll no doubt have heard all sorts of terminology thrown around to describe playing experiences, both good and bad. For the uninitiated, here are a few of the most common terms explained in a little more detail.


This is a very broad, very general term used to describe the aspect of the games programming which relates to networking. It's not a technical term, nor is it quantifiable, and although you may hear people talking about netcode its not something that players or server owners have any control over and isn't worth concern....

Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Server: Pro's & Con's

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Turning your website into a success will require much trial and error; for example, you'll have to experiment with the way it looks and the type and presentation of content, and as there's no right or wrongs this is simply a case of try it and see.

One aspect of website ownership that's a little more black and white is web hosting, and in particular what type of hosting is most suitable to your current situation.

Shared Hosting

The starting point for the vast majority of website owners is a shared hosting plan. With a shared hosting plan, as the name implies, you share server space with othe...

What Players Look for in a Game Server

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Just to start off I thought id let you all know that are offering some of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server hosting available. As standard all of our servers which host cs:go are running 128 tick and have multiple connections to ensure your game server is always online

Whether your game is CS:GO, TF2, Rust or Minecraft, there are a few common qualities that players generally look for when deciding whether to play on a server or not.

Of course, it takes time to develop a large and stable player base however if your server has been up a while and is little more than...