About our pay monthly web design packages

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Sep 25, 2017

Web hosting is a strange product to sell sometimes as it can be both straightforward and somewhat complex depending on the customer, their background and experience.

Of course, web hosting is a vital component to running and maintaining a website but of itself it won't help you actually create your website; that part is up to you.

At webhostgb.com we try and make the process simple for our customers with free access to drag and drop site building software, for example, or 1-click WordPress installs via Softaculous for those who want to build it themselves. And granted, this does make things ea...

Competing with the competition in business

Posted in Blog, Small Business on Sep 22, 2017

If you wait to find an idea or niche which is completely unique, whether globally or just within your local area, before you start your own business, chances are that you'll be waiting a long time.

And this point is easily proven looking at the world around us; we don't just have one doctor, nurse, mechanic, coffee shop or builder, we have lots. And this is because often times there is enough of us (customers) to go around, i.e. one provider wouldn't be able to service us all even if they wish they could, and also because we value having the ability to choose who we provide our business to.


Brief Comparison of Windows & Linux Hosting

Posted in Blog, Web Hosting on Jul 15, 2017

As somebody new to creating or owning their own website its a relatively safe assertion that you'd be best server by a shared hosting package of some for or other. Of course, not all hosting products are created the same and despite the relatively low cost there's still some work to do to determine which is most suitable to your needs.

Things like server resource allocation, levels of support and the reputation of the hosting provider are all valid concerns, however the focus of this post is to provide a brief comparison of the two broad types of shared hosting package, namely, Windows and Li...

Tips and Tricks to Help Attract Players to Your Server

Posted in Blog, Game Servers on Jul 15, 2017

Dedicated game server hosting provides players with greater control of their playing environment enabling them to set their own rules and play their own way. All in all this is a great choice for the dedicated gamer, but unless the game is specifically single player you'll need people to play with and against.

To create a large, diverse and reliable player base for your server takes time and requires, at least in part, a community focused approach. However, the point of this post is to instead focus on the small tweaks and changes which you can carry out to help you to accrue more random play...

Content Organisation for Small Business Websites

Posted in Blog, Startup, Web Hosting on Jul 15, 2017

To small business owners a website is an asset which offers visibility, an avenue for creating reputation and trust, a resource for current and potential customers and perhaps most importantly, a point of sale.

For a website to perform to its fullest potential it must be developed and optimised with a thought to focus and organisation. The exact composition of your website will depend a lot on your business and the types of products and services you provide, your location, whether your business primarily trades on the internet or within your local area.

With that said, however, there are basi...

The Benefits of Web Site Builders

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Jul 15, 2017

Beginners looking to create their first website may find the thought of learning and implementing code intimidating and this often brings with it a certain reluctance to pursue the matter further, even though a website can be of benefit to them, whether personally or professionally.

Of course, the alternative is to have a professional design and create their website which, while an excellent idea, does come with a certain amount of monetary investment which some won't be able to commit to, at least not right away.

Then we have the third option, the free site builder software. Available as a fr...

Top 5 eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

Posted in Blog, Small Business, Startup on Jul 15, 2017

WordPress is a versatile platform allowing users to customise their website to fit a variety of purposes. The core functionality of WordPress can be quickly and conveniently extended via the plugin system and when it comes to ecommerce applications there are a variety of excellent options to choose from.

Our top 5 in no particular order


Out of the box WooCommerce is a feature rich eCommerce platform covering all of the operations you'd expect from cart and billing, product and inventory management to shipping and analytics.

Additional functions can be added to the platform with sp...

CageFS: Providing a Secure Web Hosting Environment

Posted in Blog, Security, Web Hosting on Jul 15, 2017

Security is a concern for us all these days whether we're out in person or conducting business online. And whatever the situation, the best way to stay safe is by acting proactively rather than reactively, and our approach to server security and account integrity is no different.

The Making of a Secure Host

A web hosting platform is secured as a collaborative effort of different mechanisms from anti-malware software and firewalls to operating systems and server management.

Essentially, there needs to be systems in place to counter the various methods hackers will use to access your informati...

5 Features to Look for in a Free WordPress Theme

Posted in Blog, Web Design on Jul 15, 2017

The WordPress content management system powers approximately 20% of the worlds websites and this popularity is in large part owed to its user friendliness and versatility, both inherent and extended via plugins.

WordPress is particularly suitable for beginners not only due to its intuitive and easy to use interface, but also because there is a large developer and support community and a great many free addons to help with aspects of design and feature enhancement.

A great example of this, besides the plugin system, is the variety of free WordPress themes and templates which are available, enab...

5 Reasons to Avoid Free Web Hosting Plans

Posted in Blog, Web Hosting on Jul 15, 2017

Creating your first website can be quite the learning experience, and just like learning any new skill, you'll likely have low expectations for your first few attempts. This is what makes a free web hosting plan so appealing, it provides the space to learn without the financial burden. But this isn't an accurate reflection of reality.

First, there's no reason why your first website can't look and function great. There's mountains of material available online to help you get started or if you get stuck. Secondly, a lot of web hosts, ourselves included, offer access to free, drag and drop style,...