What Separates the Fast Hosts from the Rest?

There are a number of factors which determine the quality of web hosting, however the two most people would rank highest in terms of importance are speed and reliability with security interchangeable in either position.

When we speak of speed in the context of web hosting we refer to things like how quickly do the pages of your website load and how quickly can you upload/download data to and from the hosting server. This is important for the overall user friendliness of your website a...

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What Players Look for in a Game Server

Just to start off I thought id let you all know that WebHostGB.com are offering some of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server hosting available. As standard all of our servers which host cs:go are running 128 tick and have multiple connections to ensure your game server is always online

Whether your game is CS:GO, TF2, Rust or Minecraft, there are a few common qualities that players generally look for when deciding whether to play on a server or not.

Of course, it ta...


3 Reasons Tradesman Should Have Their Own Website

Tradesmen commonly rely upon word of mouth and local advertising methods to secure business without considering the advantages that a website could provide them.

Here are three reasons why a website is beneficial to tradesman.

1. Exposure & Visibility

The internet is a global medium used daily by millions of people, and while a lot of this traffic will live tens, hundreds and even thousands of miles from you and your business, there will still be people within y...

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Brief Comparison of Windows & Linux Hosting

As somebody new to creating or owning their own website its a relatively safe assertion that you'd be best server by a shared hosting package of some for or other. Of course, not all hosting products are created the same and despite the relatively low cost there's still some work to do to determine which is most suitable to your needs.

Things like server resource allocation, levels of support and the reputation of the hosting p...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Game Server Hosting

As games progressively advance in game play mechanics/physics and graphics it becomes increasingly difficult and impractical for a domestic machine to host a server. And this is reflected by the nature of the game server hosting business as demand for dedicated game servers for popular multiplayer games such as CS:GO or Minecraft, for example, is ever increasing.

The take home point being if you want control of your own server and simultaneously seek a fast and reliable multiplayer gam...


The Benefits of Website Builders

Beginners looking to create their first website may find the thought of learning and implementing code intimidating and this often brings with it a certain reluctance to pursue the matter further, even though a website can be of benefit to them, whether personally or professionally.

Of course, the alternative is to have a professional design and create their website which, while an excellent idea, does come with a certain amount of monetary investment which some won't be able to commit...

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4 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses & Startups

Among the many difficulties facing new and start up businesses arguably the most important is securing those vital first customers. Get it right and you'll ease financial strain, gain confidence and start to build a reputation. Get it wrong and you're left with dreaded uncertainty.

So how do small businesses and start ups, in particular, go about finding new customers? The same way that all businesses do, advertisement and marketing. And whilst you may not have the budget or the experi...

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Top 5 eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a versatile platform allowing users to customise their website to fit a variety of purposes. The core functionality of WordPress can be quickly and conveniently extended via the plugin system and when it comes to ecommerce applications there are a variety of excellent options to choose from.

Our top 5 in no particular order


Out of the box WooCommerce is a feature rich eCommerce platform covering all of the operations you'd expect from cart an...

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Tips and Tricks to Help Attract Players to Your Server

Dedicated game server hosting provides players with greater control of their playing environment enabling them to set their own rules and play their own way. All in all this is a great choice for the dedicated gamer, but unless the game is specifically single player you'll need people to play with and against.

To create a large, diverse and reliable player base for your server takes time and requires, at least in part, a community focu...